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For HAM...

There's only 100 of the boxing figures! Hurry, hurry!
I was putzing around on e-Bay - last night, no less - and came across one of the Boxing guys with GOLD gloves and a robe. It was a limited edition of TWENTY. It's around 500.00 right now.

But you know - THESE work too!

Thanks for the link, sire...placed an order for the Pit version. I'll have to sell blood and semen for the Boxing version...
Dude. They Live Customs. *Drool*
Sweet, the only thing that´s missing are some They Live shades.
Not when you're a master of Sculpey.

And you wouldn't want to make a They Live custom with this figure because the head is all wrong. You'd want to use this one:
Ahh, but that would be easy to customize. I'm sure there's a wrestler SOMEWHERE with sunglasses. Hell, even Doc Ock's shades could be sculpted to look less... retro.
Ahh, you're right. He even has the rocking mullet.
Somewhere, a ToyFare reader is making THEY LIVE figures....
It is a good world we live in, then.

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