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Movie Dilemma
In the next 45 minutes, I have to decide whether to see Wedding Crashers or Land of the Dead. I will eventually see the other one on DVD, but I'm having a hard time deciding which one to see today.

Help me out, people. List the pros and cons of seeing each one of these admittedly different movies at the theater vs at home.
Zombies, man, zombies.
I say buy them both on DVD... they'll both probably offer a great unrated version.

in the meantime... i'd watch land of the dead... whens the next time you'll be able to see a Romero Zombie movie in the threatre???
Going by yourself? Land of the Dead

Taking a girl with you? Wedding Crashers
I'd go with Land of the Dead. It didn't have a great box office run and every little bit of love and support from Romero fans can only help. Not to mention you get the added thrill of checking out a Romero zombie flick on the big screen (well, it was a big deal for me as I was way too little to see Day of the Dead during its initial theatrical release.
As for Wedding Crashers, I just saw it on Tuesday night and it was hilarious, but it doesn't need a boost at the box office. Additionally, while I tend to like seeing comedies in the theater (What can I say? It's fun to be in a big room full of laughing people), you're most likely-- depending on where your live-- to be in an empty theater laughing alone... being that it's a matinee and all.
If it's to see a matinee, stick to Land of the Dead. The advantage of seeing Wedding Crashers in theaters is only there if you see it with a good sized crowd. LotD is fine at any time of day, and may even be better in an empty theater.
I haven't seen Land, but I suspect that it would be better to see it on the big screen than Wedding. As much as I loved Wedding Crashers, I could have waited for DVD. Full theatre experience doesn't add anything to a rom-com, in my opinion.

Besides, you'll likely miss some of the dialogue in Wedding since people will be laughing so hard. Better to have a 'repeat' button handy.

So, to reiterate, zombies, man, zombies.
Definitely go with the zombies - plus some of the gore effects look amazing on the big screen and will surely lose something on your average 4:3 set.
I'm going with Wedding Crashers. Haven't seen it myself, but Land of the Dead was fucking awful.
Well, I liked both, but as far as a "big-screen" experience, go with Land of the Dead. Wedding Crashers was actually more enjoyable, to me, but Land is a hoot, as well.

Where are you seeing Land, BTW? Dollar theater?
Zombies eating Republicans. How can you beat that?
Land of the Dead wasn't that bad...but it wasn't great. Sadly, I have to admit that I enjoyed the new Dawn of the Dead remake better than Land. I like Romero and all, but Land was just a step above mediocre in the acting department (not that the original Dawn or Day was much better), and it just wasn't as gory as it should have been. I understood Romero's attempt to integrate his social commentary into the storyline, through the utilization of blatant allegorical devices to address 9-11, unilateral militarism and class struggle, but the effort felt more like a cartoony, 2-dimensional representation of these important cultural and political issues.

Wedding Crashers had me rolling, but like others who have already posted this, I suspect that you need a fairly big crowd of laughing audience members to get full enjoyment. Isla Fisher makes me want to pull my little herzog out and punish it.

In my mind, Wedding Crashers wins by a narrow margin.
Well I read through Rob Rocco's post before I left, and I had decided to catch LOTD (at a dollar theater). However, when I got home, my wife had decided to see Wedding Crashers. She's pregnant, and the thought parts of LOTD might upset her stomach. Since she's pregnant, I didn't argue.

So we saw Wedding Crashers. I thought it was funny. There were maybe 10 people there, so I didn't really get the 'seeing it with a crowd' experience, but it was still a good time. Beats the shit out of work.

Thanks for helping me out here, folks.

Ilsa Fisher is amazing, it looked like her topless scene was a body double.

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