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Sound?Off 8.12.05
Thor 08-12-05: Union projectionist left two feature prints sitting on the lobby floor all afternoon when he could have been building them up, and should at the very least have inspected them upon delivery. I got pretty damn mad. Now I guess I have to review his contract and confirm how much of his job he's actually required to do and still get paid his freaking $22 an hour. After I finish doing his job this morning, of course.
Jason P Thompson 8.12.05 - Surprised upon coming on the boards this morning to see my username changed to my real name. Glad that change was made.

Went to lunch with my fiance. Got home later than expected last night so I tried to make it up to her. Still need one final thing to push those feelings out of the way.

Have a remote broadcast tonight. Then I want to get some liquor in me.

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