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Sound/Off 8.15.05
Jason P Thompson 8.15.05 - Woke up early this morning and went for a run. My calves are still sore from running the other day, but I've been stretching them out and they're feeling better today.

Got some much needed rain this weekend. The wind took a turn on my tomato plants though. Need to find a place that is still selling tomato cages.

Have a doctors appointment at 2 today. After that it's off to Lowes to return some tile and to buy a wrench to work on bringing the old Montgomery Ward sink back to life.
Starting to get back to work on the student newspaper. I currently have to figure out what stories I am running for the next two weeks, which is much more difficult than it sounds.

Also still reeling from eating too much stuffed crust pizza yesterday. Work your magic, Raisin Bran!
08/15/05 – Michael Rennick – Sorry I’ve been missing for a while. Work is very busy today with many broken aircraft. Spent the weekend with my in-laws and had a good time. We went down to Savannah for a couple of days and enjoyed the beach and basically being on vacation. I did miss the Garbage concert Saturday and will miss the Q/A screening with Bruce Campbell of “The Man with the Screaming Brain”. Such is life.
Thor 08-15-05

Mundane work snafu #5682: Our concessions supplier has neglected to deliver small popcorn bags to any of the East Bay theatres. I have to get out early and snag some from one of the San Francisco locations. And I wonder why I haven't gotten any writing done all summer.
Coming down off a great weekend. A sister-in-law, two nephews, and a niece invaded my home. There's nothing like the sound of kids playing to warm the heart.

Today, I finished the company newspaper & have to polish some training I'm giving on my company's peer competitors. Then, it's off to browbeat my web guy to show me some progress on the intranet. That part sucks. My boss fired his assistant, & now he's swamped. But hey, the CEO's breathing down my boss's neck on this thing, & my boss is breathing down my neck, so I've gotta go do some breathing of my own. It's a paycheck.
neaux 8/15/2005: Back from lunch at the house. I eat a lot of sandwiches but try to mix up the routine. Today's sandwich was filled with Roast Beast and Sweet and Sour pickles.

I picked up the remains of a baby rabbit my dog took a chunk out of: Just pelt and white rabbit tail. That bunny just might have lived!
4496 (Chris) 8-1-05 Back to the grind after a day off. Got a tough story to work on today, having to deal with a coach who's notoriously a tough cookie and asking him some questions he has no desire to answer. I'm in the midst of selling my home, think we MAY have a buyer. Fingers crossed. Today's one of those days at work where I may be here until 7 and I may be here until midnight. Saw "Deuce Bigelow 2" over the weekend. Bad movie, but had a handful of laughs. Wait for dvd.

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