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The Dead Celebrity Thread
Post here, or face the consequences. Devin, might want to leave these people to their fakegrief in here.
There we go.
Some recognizable character actors we lost over the holidays.

Michael Vale

Vincent Schiavelli

Patrick Cranshaw

Some others celebs who died over the past week (from Who's Alive and Who's Dead):

Saturday, 24 December
James Austin Jr., pop singer (The Platters), of lung cancer, 68.

Tuesday, 20 December
Billy Hughes, actor ("Ole Rex"Wink, cause not reported, 57.

Sunday, 25 December Roland Galvan, TV weathercaster (Houston), of liver problems, 48.
Clint Sampson, NFL football player (Denver Broncos), in an auto accident, 44.
Charles Socarides, psychiatrist, of heart failure, 83.
Roy Stuart, actor (Corporal Boyle on "Gomer Pyle USMC"Wink, cause not reported, 70.

Monday, 26 December
Bud Blake, cartoonist ("Tiger"Wink, 87.
John Diebold, businessman and writer ("Automation"Wink, of esophagus cancer, 79.

Tuesday, 27 December
John Druze, college football player (Fordham), of natural causes, 91.

Wednesday, 28 December
Richard De Angelis, actor (Col. Forester on "The Wire"Wink, of congestive heart failure, 73.

Friday, 30 December
Candy Barr, stripper, of pneumonia, 70.
Rona Jaffe, writer ("The Best of Everything"Wink, of cancer, 74.

Saturday, 31 December
Harry "Flash" Clarke, NFL football player (Chicago Bears), of Alzheimer's disease, 89.

Originally Posted by moovyphreak

Friday, 30 December
Candy Barr, stripper, of pneumonia, 70.

Wow. That had to be one hell of a show...

See, my mom always tells us not to go around naked in winter.
Can we have one of these for canceled TV shows and networks in the TV forum?
"So what you're saying, is that it's bad to want to be by yourself"-Vincent Schiavelli:"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"

Richard De Angelis is dead? What's the point of even getting out of bed anymore?
Lou Rawls age:72

Originally Posted by Anderson

Rawls was scheduled to perform at the local arts center in my hometown a week before Thanksgiving and I had tickets, but a few days prior to the event, his management called and cancelled as he was admitted to the hospital. They had rescheduled his show for this month, but a few weeks later, as his health worsened, his entire touring schedule was cancelled. I'd heard he was sick. I just didn't realize how sick he was.

Here's the weekly dead celebrity roundup:

Tuesday, 28 December 2005
Barry Cowsill, singer (The Cowsills), 51. He was believed to have died in hurricane Katrina on 29 August; his body was recovered on 28 December.

Wednesday, 29 December
Chuck Zink, aka "Skipper Chuck," children's TV host (Miami), of complications from a series of strokes, 79.

Thursday, 30 December
Rod Dedeaux, college baseball coach (Southern California), 91. (NOTE: The obituary wording was unclear about whether he died on 30 December or 6 January).
Ken Mosdell, NHL hockey player (Montreal Canadiens), 83.

Friday, 31 December
Enrico Di Giuseppe, operatic tenor, of cancer, 73.
Bobby Stevens, major leaguer (Philadelphia Phillies), 98.

Saturday, 1 January 2006
Paul Linblad, major leaguer (Oakland A's), of Alzheimer's disease, 64.
Charles Porter, U.S. Congressman (D-OR, 1957-61), of complications of Alzheimer's disease, 86.
Neil Strawser, radio news announcer (CBS), of a heart attack, 78.

Monday, 3 January
Raul Davila, actor (Hector Santos on "All My Children"Wink, of a heart attack, 74.
Bobby Estes, rodeo performer, of heart disease, 85.
Ofelia Fox, singer (Cuban), of cancer and complications of diabetes, 82.

Wednesday, 5 January
Ernani Bernardi, Los Angeles city councilman (1961-93), of apparent heart failure, 94

Thursday, 6 January
Simon Shanks, NFL football player Arizona Cardinals), shot in a home invasion, 34.

Friday, 7 January
Lou Rawls, singer ("You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine"Wink, of cancer, 72.

Saturday, 8 January
Jack Mabley, news columnist (Chicago), 90.

Shelley Winters died early this morning at age 85:
Tentacles 1, Shelley Winters 0
She was in both "Alfie" and "Purple People Eater."

Well, it struck me as funny. Fuck you.


NEW YORK (AP) -- Wilson Pickett, the soul pioneer best known for the fiery hits "Mustang Sally" and "In The Midnight Hour," died of a heart attack Thursday in a Reston, Virginia, hospital, according to his management company. He was 64.

Chris Tuthill of the management company Talent Source said Pickett had been suffering from health problems for the past year. Pickett lived in Ashburn, Virginia.

"He did his part. It was a great ride, a great trip. I loved him and I'm sure he was well-loved, and I just hope that he's given his props," Michael Wilson Pickett, the singer's son, told WRC-TV in Washington after his death.

Pickett -- known as the "Wicked Pickett" -- became a star with his soulful hits in the 1960s. "In the Midnight Hour" made the top 25 on the Billboard pop charts in 1965, and "Mustang Sally" did the same the following year.

"A fellow Detroiter, Wilson Pickett was one of the greatest soul singers of all time," Aretha Franklin said in a statement. "He will absolutely be missed. I am thankful that I got the chance to speak to him not too long ago."
Pickett was defined by his raspy voice and passionate delivery. But the Alabama-born Pickett got his start singing gospel music in church.

After moving to Detroit, Michigan, as a teen, he joined the group the Falcons, which scored the hit "I Found a Love" with Pickett on lead vocals in 1962.

He went solo a year later, and would soon find his greatest success.

Sensuous soul

In 1965, he linked with legendary soul producer Jerry Wexler at the equally legendary soul label Stax Records in Memphis, Tennessee, and recorded one of his greatest hits, "In the Midnight Hour," for Atlantic Records.

A string of hits followed, including "634-5789," "Funky Broadway" and "Mustang Sally." His sensuous soul was in sharp contrast to the genteel soul songs of his Detroit counterparts at Motown Records.

Indeed, Pickett even remade "Hey Jude" (with Duane Allman on guitar) and "Sugar Sugar" in his own style. The latter sounds like a completely different song from the Archies' bubble-gum classic: bolder, gutsier, with a sensuousness that didn't exist in the original.

Roger Friedman, a journalist and friend who featured Pickett in his 2002 documentary on soul greats, "Only the Strong Survive," said Pickett was "really Atlantic's answer to James Brown."

"He wrote his own songs ... he was very, very musically adept, and look at his contribution -- look how many songs of his songs have been covered," Friedman told The Associated Press on Thursday.

As Pickett entered a new decade, he had less success on the charts, but still had a few more hits, including the song "Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You."

"Like all these great legends of R&B, when disco came in, it really impacted their careers," Friedman said. "[But] what Americans don't realize is they have all continued to be incredibly popular in Europe -- every summer, touring Europe to incredible crowds."

Tough times

Still, Pickett suffered through some tough times. In 1991, he was arrested for allegedly yelling death threats while driving a car over the mayor's front lawn in Englewood, New Jersey, and less than a year later was charged with assaulting his girlfriend.

In 1993, he was convicted of drunken driving and sentenced to a year in jail and five years' probation after hitting an 86-year-old man with his car. In 1987, he was given two years' probation and fined $1,000 for carrying a loaded shotgun in his car.

Besides his induction into the Hall of Fame in 1991, he was also given the Pioneer award by the Rhythm and Blues Foundation two years later. He also cast a long shadow and served as a role model in "The Commitments" in 1991, without appearing in the film.

"If I wasn't in show business I don't know what I would have been -- a wanderer or something, you know?" he said in a 2001 interview. "But God blessed me with the talent and the chance. I knocked on enough doors, and this is what I can give myself credit for."

Friedman said he had just spoken to Pickett last week and that he seemed optimistic he would be able to put recent health troubles aside and perform again.

"We had just a great talk," he said. "He really wanted to get back to business."
Shit. Chris Penn just about an hour ago:
A sad day for Chris Penns everywhere. But mainly the dead one.
Wow. Seems young to go.

Am I cynical for suspecting drugs were involved?

Originally Posted by Overlord

Wow. Seems young to go.

Am I cynical for suspecting drugs were involved?

Not really, but who knows? Could've been anything. Whatever it was it's still too bloody young to go.*

*Any connection between these remarks and me approaching 40 too fucking fast are purely coincidental.
Probably drugs or something having to do with corpulence.
His brother will blame the Bush Adminstration for the stress that led to his untimely demise.....

Originally Posted by Ade Brooks

*Any connection between these remarks and me approaching 40 too fucking fast are purely coincidental.

Had the same thoughts, too. In this day and age, 43 is pretty frickin' young. RIP, Chris Penn.
That's really sad for him to die so young, no matter what the cause might be.

Pat Morita is dead now too, obviously not able to deal with a world without Chris Penn and i fear for all the 'karate kid' thread titles that will pop up.
That article brought to you by two fucking months ago.

Originally Posted by Werbal_Kint

That article brought to you by two fucking months ago.

Yeah, but it still hurts.
Seriously? Fuck. Sorry. He's still dead though, right?

Originally Posted by Andrew Clarke

Seriously? Fuck. Sorry. He's still dead though, right?

Along with Generalismo Francisco Franco.
Coretta Scott King, wife of slain civil rights leader, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. has died at 78:
When did the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr die????

You're not long for this world.
Coretta Scott King? What films were she in?
It's called the Dead Celebrities thread. Not movie stars, so this works.

Better in this thread than starting a whole new one for no reason.
I still wouldn't consider her a celebrity. An important figure, but...fuck it. I'm just disappointed because I saw new posts in here and was hoping for a good celebrity OD or something....
Someone new will come soon enough. Hang in there.

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