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You've Got Red On You
Hell. Yes.
Now *that's* a slice of fried gold!
Yeahhh Boyyyy!
That's nice and all but I'm pleased with that link because it led me to this figure coming from the Cult Classics line in March:

About damn time. It looks like there is a bit more hair than he had in the film but this one will still fuck up my approximate 6 month streak of not buying any of this crap.
Ya gotta love thatt detail on the chest hair.
McClane looks like the Spitting Image caricature of Ronald Reagan.
The chest hair is a nice touch, too bad the face doesn't look right though. It reminds of the poor Ash figures of the past in that regard.
I'm getting it regardless, if it sells well I might finally be able to put my soft hands on a Sgt. Al Powell figure.
I appreciate that others may have different interests than myself, but... if I want to buy cheese I'll go to the grocery, thanks.
Years and years ago a friend of mine worked at one of those Movie Memorabillia places and i got a spooky glimpse into the kind of people that hoarde film related merchandise and, so put off by their lack of social skills and almost neanderthal level understanding level of hygiene, i swore never to buy another piece of film related material again, other than the films themselves.
I wil, however, move heaven and earth to buy this.
Name not the well from which you will never drink, gentleman.
For lo, from it you will imbide.
When was David Caruso in Shaun of the Dead?
Shaun of the Dead:Miami

Originally Posted by Dan Whitehead

When was David Caruso in Shaun of the Dead?

I'm gonna have to say, I'm seeing a young Robert Shaw myself.
Odd that the McClane figure is off with the resemblance but the Sin City figure of Willis is dead on perfect. Perhaps NECA had troubling getting likeness approval from 20th Century Fox.

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