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Real Names Vs. Screen Names

Originally Posted by Bartleby_Scriven View Post

It's a weird reflection of evolving Internet etiquette. When the Internet went big in the '90s, EVERYONE went by anonymous names (the earliest name I used was St Just, a cut character from Joss Whedon's Alien: Resurrection script).

Then a decade later social media caught on, and slowly people became emboldened to say the same dirty shit they once thought required anonymity, especially as the comments sections of websites allowed you to log in through Facebook.

But then a decade, or less, later people realized putting your real name out there can get you, A, doxxed; B, fired (if you do or say horrible shit); or C, publicly shamed (for doing or saying horrible shit, but also for miscalculated faux pas).

Problem is, Pandora's Box has already been opened. There's no going back now. But it is funny to read this thread from 2006 and see people going, "No, no way, employers wouldn't do google searches. That's just unfair."

I never understood this. From the very first time, in 1995, that I logged on via dial up in my college library and signed up for WBS, the Webchat Broadcasting System, which I found via Webcrawler search engine and began chatting with a single mother in South Africa who hated porridge I have always used an anonymous handle.

Even during these swings you mention I have never felt compelled to have my online and meatspace lives entertwine. Not because of some radical difference in how I present myself but because I was told from day one by everything I ever read online that staying anonymous would save you from everything from identity theft to employment issues. Once it's on the internet it is forever was a mantra from day one.

And my current boss stalks the hell out of the FB pages of anyone who interviews. If he finds anything remotely untoward you ain't getting hired.

AI love how het up Devin got just because Molt took the piss out of his t-shirt. It's almost adorable.

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